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If you are seeking to make your next outside the box music video, that gains critical acclaim, industry wide attention, massive views, and a greater audience, you are ready for The "YoYo" Effect. The "YoYo Effect” has a long lasting impressionable impact on an artist's career. Countless celebrity artists have attested to something 'magic' happening when YoYo Directs, Films, and Edits their project. “I edit to the beat and make it move… It’s never the same thing” - Ido Eyo

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With various credits on cult classic Miami films such as Love And Reality, A Miami Love Story, Zoe 911, Swingers Anonymous,, and Mom... Ido has positioned himself as the next rising Director in innovative filmmaking emerging out of South Florida. His precise attention to detail, lighting, camera shots, and editing cinematic quality is remarkably undeniable. Ido has proven that his commitment to telling visual stories is even more profound on the big screen.

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Ido has an incredible eye that spills over from his success in music videos and film. Even moreso, with still photography he is able to capture the true essence in any photo. The real magic with Ido's photography is his personality. Whether it's corporate, fitness, fashion, or acting, people are always comfortable expressing their best and remain comfortable under Ido's professional eye. Often when filming events, he's known to slip into the crowd, in the trenches, dancing, laughing, and candidly photographing the memories that mean the most.

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YoYo In The Building Celebrates His 10 Year Anniversary

Directing & Filming Music Videos (2009 - 2019) With... 1.8 Billion + Music Video Views

Since 1993

Daddy Yankee - Shaky, Shaky - 1,363,803,064 views (Cinematographer - 2nd DP)
FloRida - Goin' Down For Real - 315,814,618 views (Cinematographer - 2nd DP)

Kodak Black - Skrilla - 120,094,946 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Kodak Black - Deep In The Streets - 8,847,365 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Christina Milan feat Lil Wayne - Do It - 2,882,792 views (Asst. Director/Cinematographer)
Ivy Queen - Llego La Queen - 2,416,764 views (Director & Editor)
Ivy Queen - Por Mi2,829,392 views (Asst. Dir., & Editor)
Ivy Queen - Que Se Jodan910,296 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Baby Soulja - Trials n Tribulations - 1,851,826 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Baby Soulja w Boosie - Dirty -1,216,454 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Baby Soulja - Feel So Good - 113,443 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Baby Soulja - Just Ride2,044,556 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Baby Soulja - What I was Told446,089 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Baby Soulja - Heard About - 73,000 Views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Baby Soulja - Can’t Let Em’ Get me - 200,000 Views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
El Poeta Callejero - Eso Me Quilla - 632,655 views (2nd Cinematographer / Editor)
El Poeta Callejero - El Discurso - 610, 039 views (2nd Cinematographer/Editor)
El Poeta Callejero - Videos Y Fotos - 396,990 views (2nd Cinematographer/ Editor)
El Poeta Callejero - Voy a Mi - 325,849 views (2nd Cinematographer / Editor)
Red Cafe - Making Me Proud - 856,035 views (Cinematographer/Editor)
T Pain - I’m Fuckin' Done - 753,619 views (Editor)
Briana Perry - Mascara Tears181,143 views (Editor
Briana Perry - Slow Dance - 100,000 Views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Briana Perry - Headlines - 81,000 Views (Cinematographer/Editor) 
Briana Perry  - Jackbeat - 80,000 Views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Briana Perry - Cars - 50,395 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Trina - Watch This - 300,000 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Trina - First Place - 272,000 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Alex Fatt - Lo Que Quieras - 201,647 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Grimas ft. August Alsina - I'm That Boy - 105,023 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Young AC Iceberg - Before We Die - 235,000 Views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Young AC - Everything I Do - 160,000 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Kulture Shock - Sweet Life - 100,000 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Kulture Shock - Prom Night  20,000 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
Christion D’or  Fat Joe - Cocaina  38,716 views (Cinematographer)
Eclipse - Adrenaline - 39,354 views  (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
T. Rone - White Horse - 23,243 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
The StepSisters - Bio17,872 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
1804 ft. Fantom - Self Made19,660 views (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)
1,828,942,613 + VIEWS


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I have a very demanding schedule and my time is limited, if you would like to inquire about me directing your music video, filming your corporate event, or a photography shoot, I have a standard process and selection criteria for clients I work with. Please contact me here so we can begin the first step...