My Ultimate Vision

I'm here to reach my full potential as a Film Director, one of the best visual storytellers in the world. I bring to the screen out of the box thinking, and a form of spiritual awareness like none other. When people see my visual imagery, I want it to impact them in profound ways. I am here to capture the essence of something, whether it's funny, action, intense drama, or anything that capture's the whole world's interest.


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My Ultimate Mission

My big "WHY?" I want others to reach their highest potential and a superhuman level of thinking, and if I can help Producers, Screenwriters, Cinematographers, and Actors bring that out in film, I have served my purpose. If I can do that through my influence and personality as well, my reason for doing this is to always raise the bar and status up in terms of mindset. I'm about continuous self-mastery. I'm here to tap into 100% of my mind and full potential and help others do the same.


Battle Tested Experience Behind The Camera

Nigerian-American born Ido Eyo (pronounced EE-Doh Ay-Yo), grew up with a distinct ability to tell visual stories with cameras. He dreamed that one day those stories would impact the world. He has indeed become one of the most dynamic emerging Film Directors in the world. From 2009-2019 Ido has carried an entire decade of influential filmmaking innovations on his back. Not only has he translated a heap of culture from Dade County's South Florida music scene into mainstream American and global pop culture; he has filmed classic iconic shots that have influenced the world... more than once.

From his humble beginnings in 2009, working on sets after graduating from high school to knowing he was destined to create films, to his first years as an intern at (FFH) Florida Film House, to his professional camera work with the most influential artists and celebrities in the entertainment industry, Ido has far surpassed even the most generous expectations of a filmmaker.


A Director's Director... A Versatile Dir. Of Photography

Having his sights set on joining the ranks of Stephen Spielberg, Peter Jackson, and Michael Bay, Ido has taken a route into film directing with well paid dues. He has the rare ability to capture moments on screen and make them visually delicious. Ido works very well with directors to shoot creative sets as a cinematographer as well as sit in the Director chair himself. He has a vast comprehension of purpose and flow on set. He uses his awareness to bring rare magic to shots while filming. His knowledge of lighting, set design, photography, and camera angles are mind boggling and evident in music videos he has directed that have become viral sensations such as Kodak Black “Skrilla”, 2Nice “Contra La Pare”, Young A.C. “So Good”, Baby Soulja, "Trials And Tribulations" and "Let's Ride".

His directing skills are also evident in videos where his role was director of photography/cinematography such as Christina Milan and Lil Wayne “Do it”, Red Cafe: “Make Me Proud”, El Rookie “Amiga”, Brianna Perry “Cars”, Ivy Queen “Vendetta”, JRand “Let it All Out”.

A Cinematographer Of Honor.... A Call To Duty...

When Director Marlon Pena needed a 2nd Director Of Photography for Daddy Yankee's global phenomenon "Shaky, Shaky" YoYo was called to duty.  Ido was able to create memorable scenes and camera work that helped the video soar to over 1.3 Billion + views on Youtube.

He also did the cinematography for Dancer Magga Braco (Ido Behind The Scenes while filming Shaky Shaky (Hula Hoop) Remix Lyric Video With Maga Braco).

He's no stranger to helping videos to go viral. His scenes in FloRida’s video “GDFR: Going Down For Real” helped the video gain over 300 Million+ views on Youtube.

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His behind the scenes work is noted for his attention to detail and ability to uniquely capture stories of amazing artists such as Flo Rida "Hola", Nikki Williams “Glowing”, JRand, Rick Ross, T-Pain, and much of his camera work has been aired on MTV and other major networks.

As the resident videographer, every weekend for two years at Cafe Iguana in Pembroke Pines, Miami he filmed iconic shots for the world's top celebrities including club edits of: Usher, Chris Brown, Trey Songs, Keisha Cole, Rico Love, Brain, Lil' Baby, 50 Cent, Daddy Yankee, Hector Acosta, Future, Wyclef, Fat Joe, and many many more.

Giving Back To His Community... Building The Future...

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Ido has been the chief videographer for Florida Film House and Urban Film Festivals, with award winning camera footage that covered four Urban Film Festivals  (2016 - 2019), propelling the festival into international spotlight, each year attracting more and more distinguished guests such as Producer Randall Emett, Rap Mogul Master P, and Romeo Miller. He also was primary videographer covering 12 Seasons Of First Take Youth Program (2016-2019), as well as teaching Directing, Cinematography, Sound, Lighting, Gaffing, & Editing to Miami's inner city youth in each program about filmmaking.

Ido has created and mastered his own unique creative form of editing to music that makes his music videos one of a kind... every single time. His videos uniquely stand out with his signature brand and style which he calls “The YoYo Effect."

After many years of learning all the rules of film and video editing, he decidedly and strategically breaks them. He's a master at playing images, effects, and video cuts to music like a yo yo string pattern. Everyone knows when YoYo is involved, a project going to be special... hence his nickname “Yo Yo In The Building”.

Next Steps...

I have a very demanding schedule and my time is limited, if you would like to inquire about me directing your music video, filming your corporate event, or a photography shoot, I have a standard process and selection criteria for clients I work with. Please contact me here so we can begin the first step...