The cultural divide between Haitians and Dominicans has crossed the Caribbean and is spilling all over the streets of Miami.

Director: Blademil Grullon

Writers: Max J. Gabriel, Blademil Grullon

Director of Photography: Luis Valverde

Assistant Camera: Ido Eyo

A 21 year old white college kid goes to the hood to get real life experience of the hood and capture footage for his popular website, things gets real when he documents a murder in progress.

Director:  Antwan Smith

Writers:  Yonel Aris, Max Gabriel

Cinematography by: Blademil Grullon & Luis Valverde

Camera Operator: Ido Eyo


Mr. Jean a security guard is dealing financial issues. Issues if not dealt with will cause him to lose more than just his family.

Director: Blademil Grullon  Writers: Paul Antoine, Blademil Grullon

Cinematography by: Ido Eyo

A film about a Reality Show contest that has Four Couples...Under One Roof....Competing For One Goal..... Marriage.... America Who Will It Be??

Directors: Yonel Aris, Blademil Grullon (co-director)

Writers: Yonel Aris (story), Yonel Aris

Co-Editor: Ido Eyo


Director:  Quincy Perkins

Writers: Jonathan Woods (story), Jonathan Woods |

Key Grip: Ido Eyo



Mom… is a short film about a suburban family that doesn’t connect. The project is currently in post-production, and it’s our hope to take it to festivals later this year. It is also a “proof of concept” for telling this story in a longer format, either as a feature film or high-end television.

Cast:  Amy Hoerler

Eugenie Bondurant

Dean Chandler Bowden

Cooper Chapman

Ella Page

Director Of Photography: Ido Eyo

Florida Film House

Urban Film Festival

1st Take Youth Program